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"Order Again" link on ORDS Page

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    "Order Again" link on ORDS Page

    I am using the "Product Variant Basket Item Replacement" module so we can utilize the variant skus in orders. However, the "Order Again" link does not seem to be playing nice with this module. I get Fatal Errors when trying to reorder items with variants from the Order Again link.

    The Order Again link also displays a fatal error when a product is now inactive. There was a fix posted for this here but it doesn't work right since we are using this module it seems:

    Is there a fix for this? All I can think of is to simply change the link to at least just go to the product page.

    How would you format the product link on the ORDS page when using this module: &mvt:item:link; and &mvte:group:link; aren't working to bring you to the product page.

    We also send out a review request email and the product link will need to work there as well.

    In most cases this module may not be needed anymore since the variant SKU is natively available in the order. However, there are still some 3rd party systems which don't import the SKU value which may be your case.

    There is a value the module makes available for item:master_code; which contains the product code for the master product. This can be used to update the Order Again link with the correct master product code.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Since I am not using the product code for the URL I don't see how that may work? My url structure uses the product name.

      I am only using the module because it was recommended a year and a half ago so that the correct variant product code was available for export so it can match the sku/code in an accounting software. If there is a way to do it without - that would be great.


        I am still needing a fix for this. I thought the simple fix was to just link the "Order Again" link to the product page, but I have been unable to figure that out. I have tried the following:



          I was able to get this to work using the following inside of the foreach loop from this code sample:
          <mvt:assign name="l.uri:store_id" value="g.Store:id" />
          <mvt:assign name="l.uri:screen" value="''" />
          <mvt:assign name="l.uri:page_id" value="0" />
          <mvt:assign name="l.uri:cat_id" value="0" />
          <mvt:assign name="l.uri:product_id" value="l.settings:group:product_id" />
          <mvt:do file="g.Module_Feature_URI_DB" name="l.have_uri" value="URI_Load_Item_Canonical( l.uri, l.settings:canonical_uri )" />
          <a href="&mvt:canonical_uri:uri;">Order Again</a>