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what is the payment type display as variable?

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    what is the payment type display as variable?

    Miva 9 allows entering a display as value for payment types. In Levels the payment type display as isn't displaying. I want to edit the checkout screen and INVC as well as my order downloading scripts.
    What is the mvt variable for this?

    just to add more info.. it appears that &mvt:order:payment:descrip; does not contain the display as value for the payment type. In the payments database the field is labeled descr.

    It does display correctly on the OSEL page. But I need the value to be used everywhere else in the store too.


      Do you mean you have overwritten the payment method name under Payment Method Rules?
      Brennan Heyde
      VP Product
      Miva, Inc.
      [email protected]


        Yes I have, BUT it isn't being used everywhere I expect that it should be used. Thus I want to know the variable so that I can replace it on places like the INVC and also in a custom order downloading batch template that I have. We want the payment method name we enter.. not the default one that the module defines. Since we can affect the display of it, I bet that if we know the variable for it, we could replace that in other code. Or do a look up or something.

        For example, The Customer Credit module that allows merchant to give credit that customers can check out with. I do not want it to appear as "Customer Credit". I want it to be "Store Credit". So in the payment method rules I was able to click on this payment and set a display as value. I set it to "Store Credit".

        I also want to use "Store Credit" on my INVC screen and also my printable invoice AND in my customer order batch download. However, the module doesn't use the override setting in these places. I even want to use my setting to save it to the order information stored in the database.

        What is the variable or how do I get to it for this Miva payment module?

        (this would be nice for the PO/check module to do also)


          I just posted in the bugs topic.
          I figured out the module name is being used. probably becuase orderpayments.pay_id =
          I think the PaymentMethodRules.descrip ought to be stored in the orderpayments table maybe as orderpayments.pay_descrip
          then we can use it everywhere instead of having it just display in the OPAY screen.