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Luxe Theme Removing Image Styles

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  • Luxe Theme Removing Image Styles

    I just converted my site from Suivant to Luxe ready themes and I am going through the usual challenges and then small issue that has arisen is that I used simple coding to align images and wrap text and it worked fine on Suivant. Now on Luxe as you scroll down a page it will strip out my coding and I would like someway to add my styling back. This was the feedback I got:

    "There isn't an issue per se, the page is coded with inline classes and poor formatting. Luxe comes with a image lazy-loader built in. One of the features of the lazy-loader is to remove inline styles once the image has loaded. In this case, since the images have inline styles which control their positioning, those are stripped and the image relocates."

    I don't dispute that my coding is basic...just wandering if anyone can point me to a resource that would show me better coding and allow me to re-code this content to get it to work properly. Here is an example from my site:


  • Unless your inline-code is specific to the image, I would recommend applying the styles to a container element for the image, such as a DIV or SPAN.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Director of UI/UX Standards and Theme Development
    / Miva, Inc.



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