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Search preview not working in fasten header

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  • Search preview not working in fasten header

    A client noticed that the search preview isn't working in the fasten header. Anyone have any idea why it wouldn't? It's working in the main search form, just not the sticky / fasten header. Using the default search form:

    <form class="t-site-header__search-form" method="post" action="&mvte:urls:SRCH:rr;">
    <legend>Product Search</legend>
    <ul class="c-form-list">
    <li class="c-form-list__item c-form-list__item--full c-control-group u-flex">
    <input class="c-form-input c-control-group__field u-bg-transparent u-border-none" data-mm_searchfield="Yes" data-mm_searchfield_id="x-search-preview--fasten" type="search" name="Search" value="&mvte:global:Search;" placeholder="Search" autocomplete="off" required>
    <button class="c-button c-button--large c-control-group__button u-bg-transparent u-color-gray-50 u-icon-search u-border-none" type="submit"></button>
    <span class="x-search-preview u-color-gray-50" data-mm_searchfield_menu="Yes" data-mm_searchfield_id="x-search-preview--fasten"></span>

    I made sure that the scripts match what's in the Shadows docs as well. Is this an error that's been fixed in the past?

  • I am not aware of any issue with this in the past and the demonstration site works as expected. Are you receiving any errors on the site and can you post a link to the site in question?
    Matt Zimmermann
    Director of UI/UX
    / Miva, Inc.


    • Thanks for responding Matt! Not getting any errors in the console. I can't share a link to the site on the forums – I'll PM one to you.


      • Matt found the problem! I had multiple searchfields with the same "data-mm_searchfield_id". Woops...

        Anyway, thanks again!



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