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Shadows 10.05 and the Default CSSUI Framework

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    Shadows 10.05 and the Default CSSUI Framework

    Are there any known issues with the Default CSSUI Framework when applying Shadows 10.05 to a dev branch? I seem to have a habit of blowing things up and that I'd better check first before I try this. The best I can tell, the site is using a customized Framework that was built off the old Default CSSUI Framework. I'm having all sorts of issues trying to add the PageBuilder Components due to the CSS being so very different. I figured it might be better to try using Shadows 10.05 and also be able to show the storeowner what the site would look like with it.
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    You may want to get a dev store spun up just be be safe. If the live site is built on CSSUI Framework, then it should be fine to apply Shadows to a branch since they don't share any CSS files. However, its easier to spin up a dev store than do a restore if something gets overwritten.

    Its worth noting that we're working on some additional branch isolation features to completely fix these type of file overlap issues.
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