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toggle category text??

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  • toggle category text??

    Is there anybody knows how to reduce the length of category header text and append a "read more" link on all category headers when using mobile view only.

  • You could use a combination of CSS, where you would set a maximum height on the containing element and hide any overflow, and JavaScript to detect if there is overflow and toggle the height of the element.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Director of UI/UX Standards and Theme Development
    / Miva, Inc.


    • Code:
      <div id="my-element" style="max-width: 333px; overflow: hidden;">this is my long text: asdkjahskdja hsdkljas dhlkjas dhlslaa skl hakjas dhak djhakjs dhkjasdh hs</div>
      everything over 333px of width will be hidden

      @media screen and (max-width: 640px) {
          #my-element::after {
              content: ' Read more...';
      on screens below 640px there will be a "Read more..." added to the div above


      • thanks for the reply..gonna try this out.


        • if you need height not width, change 'max-width' to 'max-height'

          you would also need a trigger to remove the max-height when an element is clicked, like:
          $(document).ready(function() { $("#my-element").click(function() { $(#my-element").css("max-height:none"); }); }); (Note: you'd need to put the inline styles Iherb used in a class statement.)
          (Also Note: written, not tested...)
          Bruce Golub
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