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Shipping Validation for Miva 10 glitch

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    Shipping Validation for Miva 10 glitch

    Address Validation for the OCST page:
    (This was tested on my dev site)

    1) Re-registered for a new usps user id
    That took care of the address validation issue from usps. For some reason, the old user id I had been using didn’t work for this feature.
    2) Updated the css.ui for Miva 10
    3) Copied the new Code For Address Validation Customer Component from the template changes for Miva 10 page ( on the OCST page.

    It worked fine except for one glitch.

    Let’s say that the Billing Address (primary address) comes first on the form and the “Same As Billing” is checked for the Shipping Address.
    Then on the next page we get the address validation with the “Same As Billing” still checked. So far, so good.
    Now I choose the Validated Address to use for the Billing Address.
    Then on the next screen, the validated address is shown for the Billing Address, great.
    However, the Shipping Address was not updated to the validated address even though the “Same As Billing” was checked.

    The only work around was to go back and “uncheck” the “Same As Billing” on the Address Validation page.
    Then I was able to choose the Validated Address for the shipping and which does show up on the next page.
    However, that is not the way it should work. If the “Same As Billing” was checked, it should have carried over the Validated Address to the next page.

    BTW the glitch is true even if the Shipping Address is used as the primary address.

    Any work arounds?
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