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Add to Cart PROD Page Issue

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    Add to Cart PROD Page Issue

    The store owner says nothing has been changed in the coding, but now suddenly when the Add to Cart is clicked, it gets stuck displaying the Processing gif. If you leave the page, the product has been added.

    You can see it here

    The Safari Web Inspector gives this warning:

    Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive 'worker-src'.
    Chrome DevTools shows something that might be related to Olark (that has been part of the website forever too).

    I suspect there is a javascript conflict, just not sure what it is.
    Leslie Kirk
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    Hi Leslie,

    That is an odd one, especially since there aren't any errors shown when submitting. I did see an error when changing the quantity, but that may not be related. With so many third-party scripts that could be updated by the vendor at any time, it would be hard to pin down what is going on. Ultimately, I would suggest stripping all scripts not native to the site and see what happens when adding them back one at a time. Barring that, you might try updating the version of jQuery they are using and testing for errors from there.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Front-End Development Director / Miva, Inc.