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Getting custom user shipping info into merchant email

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  • Getting custom user shipping info into merchant email

    Hello All,

    I need to add an Urbanization Code field to Miva for a few orders that come from Puerto Rico. I created the field on the Checkout Information Screen (OINF), and by hidden inputs get it to appear on the Shipping/Payment Selection, Payment Information, and Invoice screens. It shows up in the customer notification email. The only place I can't get it to show up in is the merchant notification email (the one place I really need it!). I cant figure out a way to display it there.

    I'm using Emporium's Addendum to collect other info on the Payment Info screen, and he seems to have the customer fields hard coded into the Modified Merchant Notification Email module he includes so that Addendum info gets added to the merchant email, so I see no way to add my urb_code variable there. I thought of sending a bcc of the customer email to me, but there is no option for that and I see threads from a couple of years ago on the forum that talked about it, but no apparent resolution of it.

    I haven't' been able to figure out where the View Orders page gets its Customer Shipping Info from when you click on an order to see if I can add the field there. Is there a way to add something to that page?

    If not, is there a way through SMT to send the info to myself, perhaps through email, or store it in a file, with enough info about the order so I know which one to match it to? I don't get many orders from PR, so I don't mind doing some of this manually.

    Thanks for any pointers in the right direction!