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what does LowLevel indicate on an API Function?

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    what does LowLevel indicate on an API Function?

    I think this will take a product and insert it into a category, however I don't know what LowLevel does. What does it do?


    The distinction between "levels" is a little unclear in Miva. In some cases, the LowLevel function is very basic, reading or writing a single record in a single table; and the high-level function adds a lot of related functionality, such as increasing or decreasing reference counts. In other cases, the LowLevel function does most of the work across multiple tables, and the high-level function just adds a simple "wrapper" for purposes such as file or table locking.

    The best rule of thumb is to always call the high-level function, unless you're absolutely sure that you only want the low-level functionality. Figuring out the difference will require some understanding of Miva Script, and of programming techniques in general, and a copy of the LSK.

    Hope that helps --
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      I think it does. I saw it in the api docs and wondered about it. I'll go with your rule of thumb.