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Posting JSON with MVT:CALL

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  • Posting JSON with MVT:CALL

    I'm trying to post some simple JSON (to the Mailchimp API), but I get back and error that says what I'm sending is NULL. Here's the code:

    <mvt:assign name="g.list_id" value="'d579b341b9'" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.tag_url" value="''$ g.list_id $'/segments/21/members'" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.add_email" value="'{  \"email_address\": \"[email protected]\"}'" />
    <mvt:assign name="g.headers" value="'Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' $ asciichar( 13 ) $ asciichar( 10 )" />
    <mvt:call action="g.tag_url" method="'POST'" fields="g.add_email" content-type="'application/json'" headers="g.headers" >
    <mvt:eval expr="s.callvalue" />
    Yields the error:
    "errors":[{"field":"","message":"Schema describes object, NULL found instead"}]
    I tried encoding the JSON as well, but that didn't work. Do I need to prepare the data in some other form?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • You probably need to set your method to 'RAW' and fields should be a comma separated list of variables, but you are passing it a data value directly. Meaning you should be doing fields="'g.add_email'" I believe. Also I recommend editing your post and removing your authorization token, anyone could potentially use that token and impersonate your or read your data.
    David Carver
    Miva, Inc. | Software Developer


    • Thank You! Method as RAW, and wrapping the fields as a string did it. Removing my token from this post, also a good idea!



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