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Triggering a Templated Email

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  • Triggering a Templated Email

    I think there isn't a simple way, but I wanted to check again.

    (Sending the email via API is NOT an issue.) I need to send an email from INVC based on an event that isn't covered in the Templated Email System in Order Fulfillment. So:

    IF my-condition is TRUE
       grab/create the email content
       Use SendEmail function
    The email content can be generated using MVT:Capture. But, is there a way or method to use a Templated Email? My goal is to have the client use the templated email to be able to maintain and control the content from these admin screens including the salutation fields (To, From, CC). In the past, I've had to use a module to grab some template code (a page template) and capture the message dynamically then send the email(s). Maybe you have a stable SMT code snippet you might share?

    Just for clarification, I'd like to have the templated email because of the interface. This actually becomes a page template. So maybe my method of capture while rendering the page template is now valid in SMT?


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