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    Next/Previous Products

    I'm replacing the Product Template that was in the Sebenza Product Template Manager that I had to remove to upgrade to Miva 10. One of the features that we had in our product template was the ability to go to the next or previous product by clicking on a button. That was a Sebenza feature. How do I implement that feature in Miva 10? I've managed to get most of the features to work but this one stumps me.

    Spitballing the logic:

    1. Run the api to load the products from the last breadcrumb category
    2. Do an array search on that product list for the product you're on to get the position.
    3. Augment the position for next and decrease for previous and check if those positions exist in the array of objects
    4. Load the canonical URI for the product code of the next and/or previous product.
    5. If canonical URI exist show a button linking to them
    Colin Puttick
    Miva Web Developer @ Glendale Designs