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    Toolkit sproduct replacement

    I am going to have to start replacing toolkit code on our site and may need some help along the way as I find it so please bear with me - still learning as I go.

    I need a replacement for this code that I am using on my FAQ screen. Trying to save myself from having to update static information all over our site when the Post Office makes changes.

    <mvt:item name="toolkit" param="sproduct_find|productfound|POSTAGESTD|" />

    Thanks in advance!


    Hey Mike,
    What's outputted here? Can you share a link?... Sorry, I replaced most Toolkit functionality back in 2015 (and haven't used it extensively).

    If it's just static content that you want to display on multiple pages, could you not use a content section?


      Hi Ryan,
      I have the price of this product on several pages. On same pages it is it a description of our services so it is literally within a sentence on some pages.

      For the code I have above it is displaying the formatted price of the product POSTAGESTD.

      So it looks like this one one page:
      Our standard size postcards mail at $0.48

      Our standard size postcards mail at <mvt:item name="toolkit" param="sproduct_find|productfound|POSTAGESTD|" />&mvte:key_product:formatted_price;

      I have that price on so many pages it just makes my life easier only having to change the price of POSTAGESTD in the admin once.



        If you're saying that the $0.48 is static (meaning you manually enter in that price), then there's no reason why you couldn't have "Our standard size postcards mail at PRICE" in a content section and then render that out to a page.

        I recommend navigating to: User interface > theme components > content sections> then create a new content section with what you need. You'll notice that you can copy the item tag directly after (or during) making one. From there paste the tag in the appropriate place. I'm assuming you're working in a template branch, and if you're not... it's definitely in your best interest to do so.

        If you find that you have different pricing for different products based on product size/weight/custom fields etc., you could automate the price/text using custom fields & a marketing feed pretty easily.


          Thanks I have about 15 products I need to do this for each time and can't fund the code to replace what I showed above. There are about 15 products and 5 pages that need to be updated manually so being able to replace that toolkit code would solve the problem. I've never done it so I am at a loss right now.


            I believe this is what you're looking for.

            <mvt:do name="l.return" file="g.Module_Library_DB" value="Runtime_Product_Load_Code( 'POSTAGESTD', l.settings:key_product )" />
            <mvt:do file="g.Module_Store_Module_Currency" name="l.settings:key_product:formatted_price" value="CurrencyModule_AddFormatting( g.Store:currncy_mod, l.settings:key_product:price )" />
            This is a good source for a lot of the toolkit replacements:
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