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  • Update to Merchant Inspector

    Just a quick update notice for our users of Merchant Inspector and those of you who have yet to experience the joy of being able to see EVERYTHING behind the scenes of your Miva Merchant store (ok, so everyone then).

    Inspector Now Over 200% Faster

    We've changed the way Inspector gathers the data you need. Previously, when you told Inspector that you wanted to see all your store variables and values (including customer centric ones) it loaded that data on each page load. This meant turning it on and off depending on what you where doing. Now, Inspector fetches the data on demand (and behind the scenes) when you need it.

    Simply put, this means you just leave Inspector turned on 24/7 without slowing down your day to day interaction with the site. (Inspector ONLY shows up for YOU or whomever you choose to allow access.)

    I Have No Idea What You Are Talking About

    Well, then. Take a few minutes to find out how Merchant Inspector can make your life easier, your day more productive, and give your skin that healthy glow.

    Limited Time Offer: Get Inspector for 20% OFF! Hurry, this offer ends mid-night April 30
    Bruce Golub
    Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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