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New Order Manager.. 100% Miva Script

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  • wmgilligan
    As of July 1, 2017 we went officially live. This past week we finally got an affiliate program set up. We're paying $10 for each paid subscriber. Take a look at the details.
    More than Shipping Simplified. it's E-Commerce Made Easier

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  • wmgilligan
    started a topic New Order Manager.. 100% Miva Script

    New Order Manager.. 100% Miva Script

    Over a year ago we created a custom, in-house order manager system for our own use. We were tired of paying multiple license fees just so we could download our multiple stores to one desktop based Windows PC.

    The end result then morphed into a system that maybe others would find useful... and now we're looking for Beta Testers.

    Check out our site at and if your interested, let me know.

    The basic concept:
    Multiple stores into one location so we can see the order, print the postage, and deal with the customer - from anywhere in the world and no matter where we ship from.

    We accomplished that....

    If your interested, contact me and we'll work out details.
    If you become a beta tester, we're giving 6 months free after final launch.