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    Facebook Selling Tips

    Decent article with Facebook selling ideas.

    Here's an interesting finding from it:

    In a guest article at Forbes, Rusian Fazlyev, CEO of social-media ecommerce platform Ecwid, said that Facebook commerce is growing substantially among small businesses. Fazlyev cited data from 35,000 Ecwid users most of which are smaller merchants and found that an average of 15 percent of overall revenue came from Facebook stores.
    Keith Oratz
    PrepareSmart, LLC - Emergency Preparedness Supplies and Professional Grade Search and Rescue Gear

    Re: Facebook Selling Tips

    Call me old fashion ( in a modern day e-commerce sense) but, to me, selling on Facebook is like inviting friends over for a BBQ, then trying to sell them on vacation time shares....just saying. I believe there is a time to seed, and a time to sell.

    When you see things like "15%" of their sales are coming from FaceBook, you have to ask..."is that 15% (5%, 3%, 1%) MORE sales, or just sales that are made THERE rather than on thier primary site?
    Bruce Golub
    Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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