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2007 eCommerce Chargback Report

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    2007 eCommerce Chargback Report

    Dear All,

    Here is a link to an interesting report:
    Thank You,

    Nerd Boy


    Re: 2007 eCommerce Chargback Report

    Thanks for the link. It's quite interesting.

    I was not surprised to see that their assessment matches mine - it's usually cheaper to absorb the losses than it is to insure the losses.

    I also appreciate their analyses of "seals of approval" and I totally agree with them. These seals mean nothing except that you spent some money getting one. In reality there is no such thing as a "hacker safe" computer.

    We do indeed suffer a total lack of security guidelines for eMerchants. There's a lot we can do (if we only knew what that was) but the ugly fact is most data breaches I personally know of came from in-house employees who were given access to areas where they should never have been allowed.

    The discussion on "friendly chargebacks" is quite relevant to us all and is one of the credit industry's darkest secrets. Most of us have been victims and the credit merchant bankers won't discuss it publicly.

    The discussion on international ecommerce was very interesting, too. I've done a lot of it and find tht most fraud is domestic, not international. Of course we don't ship anything to Nigeria!

    What's needed is a database of known friendly-chargeback abusers, similar to the *** offender database, and exactly like the database of deadbeats the publishing industry maintains.

    If anyone is interested in helping create such a database, please IM me. Same thing for creating security guidelines for merchants, let me know if you'd like to contribute.
    Steve Strickland