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Eye Opening Statistics About Social Media

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  • Bruce - PhosphorMedia
    Re: Eye Opening Statistics About Social Media

    Would be nice to see how much all this "social" activity actually results in "Sales" for the typical Merchant store owner.

    I see lots of stats like this. Rarely (and I can't recall one off hand) do you see that "investing X in FaceBook results in Y in sales" kind of data. Granted, brand building is important and doesn't often give you an x for y result...but brand marketing itself is not appropriate for most small store owners. (Not to be confused with building a loyal customer base...branding is more about promoting your business to those that have never bought.)

    From what we've seen, to do Social media correctly, requires at least a two hour per day investment. (Not to mention its disruptive schedule.) This is not to say store owners shouldn't consider at least some aspects of SM, just a caution that it doesn't de-focus you from more profitable you can afford to either hire someone to do you SM, or hire someone to do what you should be doing while you do SM.

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  • Keitho
    started a topic Eye Opening Statistics About Social Media

    Eye Opening Statistics About Social Media

    Many useful nuggets regarding demographics and net usage.