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Search Engine Submission Companies - Suggestions?

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    Search Engine Submission Companies - Suggestions?


    I manually submit my site to the major search engines. However I don't have time to submit to all the other legit directories out there. Can anyone suggest a reliable and reputable search engine submission service?

    I paid submit express for their service but I can't tell if my site is being submitted or not. I don't get reports like they said I would and they never reply to emails.

    Also, if I did pay another company to submit the site to directories could any harm be done if both companies are submitting the site? I only ask because I don't know if submit express is submitting it or not.

    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Search Engine Submission Companies - Suggestions?

    You should only submit your website once to any search engine. It's actually against google's policies to submit your site to them more than once.

    To learn more about how to help improve your websites rankings, visit forums like:

    Do a search in google for seo forums and you'll find tons of information (not all good, but a lot of it is) on how to improve your sites rankings. This forum really isn't a good place to find seo help.
    Ted Hust

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      Re: Search Engine Submission Companies - Suggestions?

      When doing web searches like that please keep in mind that much of the info is outdated. Things that used to help are now harmful instead.

      The basics of good rank are now excellent theming, good copywriting and high quality themed backlinks.

      Most small online stores will never have enough juice to get Top 10, so marketing is often your best way to attract new customers and to improve ratios from existing customers.

      Also, your onsite factors are important, sometimes critical. Understand the basics of A-B Testing and use it. Some sales gains from this have been impressive.
      Steve Strickland