Sorry for the late notice. There is a free marketing teleseminar by Armand Morin and Dan Kennedy. I pay over $700 a month to be in their coaching and mastermind groups. Together they probably make well over 15 million dollars a year. Armand is the online marketing guru while Dan Kennedy is the offline guru. Register now because it starts in 30 minutes. You don't want to miss it. Both online and offline marketing strategies will be covered including the benefits of combining the two.
Here's a taste of what you'll discover on this call:

+ Key offline marketing techniques that can easily be incorporated
online that will increase results

+ Does long copy still work best online

+ How you can bridge the communication gap using offline marketing
incorporating it with your online marketing

+ What industries work best for offline line marketing vs. online

+ Testing your concept first this the right thing to do

+ How do you manage sequential marketing offline similar to the online

+ And much more!

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