I am having a free email marketing teleseminar on February 12th specifically for users of Oempro email marketing software. I can only hold so many people, so register now.

The following and more will be discussed:
  • Deliverability
  • List Building
  • Email Design, Html vs Plain Text
  • Getting more from your customers
  • Your Questions - so far is how to get past spam filters, what is the best way to build relationships with newsletter subscribers, what is the fastest way I can build my email list, and why should I do email marketing. All this and tons more will be covered. Technically the call will be 90 minutes, but I will be staying on later to answer questions live.
  • Best selling author and expert on persuasion, Dave Lakhani, will be on the call with me.
?Jason has consistently provided my team with invaluable insights on what it takes to have the best email marketing software available for small to medium sized businesses. Many of our major upgrades with major feature additions come from Jason?s suggestions. We have over 13,000 users in 98 countries, and Jason has definitely made our software more attractive to them and potential customers as well. If you have a chance to work with Jason, I would highly recommend it.?

Cem Hurturk, CEO
Octeth Technologies
Oempro Email Marketing Software

Cem will also be on the call, so sign up immediately.

Hope to see you on the call.