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Marketing a new Miva designed website

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    Marketing a new Miva designed website

    Great to get fellow Miva Merchant's feedback. How do you like the new website? If you had Miva design your e-commerce site, after it went live, what did you do to boost visibility? Best practices to get noticed.
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    ScanMyPhotos I was just thinking about your site yesterday! We are coming into possession of old family slides and I think I will need to reach out to you!

    I love the mouseover popups that detail the product.

    Google is going to find your new site - make sure you watch for the reports in generates. Send out announcements about the new site - offer a coupon (if you haven't already). Shout it to the roof top via social media asking people to come checkout the new site. Again with a coupon incentive.

    FYI - I edited your link to include the https and not the HTTP (Google wants that https for everything now).
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      A couple of years back I had all of our family's Super 8 reels transferred to DVD with a well known company, without a problem. A project I intentionally delayed for over two decades due to fear of loosing our priceless family home movies for whatever reason. The fear came from one day pulling up to a strip mall and seeing two people standing outside trying to look inside of what appeared to be one of those video transfer companies that had gone out of business and the people outside were trying to recover their home movies for a couple of weeks. Over the years local news paper would publish similar stories.

      So I patiently waited for years until a company came along that had built a solid reputation. Even then I did not send them all of our family home movies videos, I sent them one at a time to minimize the risk of loosing these priceless family treasured possession, similar to what kings use to do back in the day by dividing their precious cargo among multiple ships (...the first recorded concept of insurance).

      Anyway, the only reason I mention this is only to help you address that fear people have that you must overcome in order to be successful. The company that I dealt with ( did an exceptional job of that. They had a tracking system through the entire process that helped be feel more at ease with email and text notification, and coupons for the next round. I recommend you check your competition out to see how you can improve your company in order to differentiate yourself if you have not already done so. I have no doubt you are just as good or even better than the rest out there since you have already chosen the most robust ecommerce platform in the industry to help you get there, but that alone is not enough, in this business perception is everything. Their is a lot of competition in this area, but it would not be the first time a David over took a Goliath.

      I wish you all the luck in the world.
      Thank you, Bill Davis