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Set the display prompts for Order Status

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  • Set the display prompts for Order Status

    The current display prompts for the different order statuses do not work for all retailers.

    Many of us do not use the built in order processing and shipping features.
    Many of us may download orders and process offline.
    Many of us do not follow the scheme that miva merchant has designed into the store.

    Therefore, the current order statuses really confuse our customers, because they are inappropriate/can't be changed
    into some more appropriate message. Currently the only solution is to dig into storemorph code and hide things or override them programmatically. This really isn't ideal for a very basic store owner who doesn't know or want to learn to code.
    It also shouldn't have to be this hard for even a tech savvy developer to do.

    Ideally we should be able to change the prompts that the customers and our staff can see (in the admin) from within the store settings themselves. Ideally we should even be able to add a status message if we want to. That way the system can be more novice user friendly and also expert developer user friendly (we may need to interface with external ERM systems and this would help).

    I envision being able to set these in the "edit store" part of the admin. These are set once and forget types of things and shouldn't be easily accessible to regular employees given access to other parts of the admin. They fit well with setting the default store code, admin contect, store address, etc.

    Example which would be better for store owners who do not process their orders within the store admin are:
    I would love to change pending to say 'sent to warehouse' across the board for hundreds of orders.
    would be super easy if we could just change the default display label/prompt for the statuses.
    OR better yet if we could add our own and assign them to each order state. i would want
    these states, and to be able to control what is output to the store customer.
    for me (who doesn't use miva to process order, and do not use the builting shipipng stuff), i'd want something like these.

    pending (not paid for still in basket, no one has looked at it yet, as in a saved basket from their last shopping event)
    received (paid for, not touched by store admin, not downloaded)
    under review (store admin has seen it, but needs some tlc by shop staff )
    processing (store is doing something with it, maybe packing. might want text to say packing or something like that)
    shipping (some stores do drop ship and they have sent the order off to the drop shipper or maybe via their terms they resever 14-48 hour to get the shipping done)
    shipped (doesn't need explaining)

    These prompts need to show to both customers AND in the admin, so I set things correctly.

    If for interfacing with third party program purposes, miva could in the edit store settings have the default text that they match to put into parantheses something likeis done with attributes and options. Then coders will know to match the code and not the prompt. Also if it is required by merchant to work right, make the defaults that are built in right now undeletable.

    I envision something like this on a new tab called "order statuses" in the edit store settings.

    code prompt
    pending* pending
    processing* received
    packing * under review
    shipped* shipped

    *can not be deleted, required by store to function

  • Re: Set the display prompts for Order Status

    I big time vote for kayakbabes dream feature for changing order status text. Being able to set the status to what is appropriate for each store would be very helpful, since the defaults just don't do it for everyone.

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