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Report or Field for Customer Created date

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  • Report or Field for Customer Created date

    We ran some ads and seem to have a number of new customers but I can't see a way to verify when they actually created their account. Assuming that is correct then it would be good to have a report or a field in Customers that has an 'account created' date.

  • There isn't a date associated with customers, but you could add a custom customer field to do this quite easily.
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    • I thought of that but figured it might be worth a simple feature request. The system time is available so why not just add that at the time of account creation? That would allow for reporting and notifications ie 'new accounts past 30 days' or 'customer 90 days old with no orders' or 'view items purchased by customer accounts created between 00/00/00 and 11/11/11'. It seems like very basic functionality that could be provided out of the box without much effort. But just a thought. :) Thanks.


      • This is in 9.7 (our next primary release)

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