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Price Group Visibility When Adding an Item to an Order Through the Admin

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  • Price Group Visibility When Adding an Item to an Order Through the Admin

    If we're really going for a big dream, we'd love to have a way to see active Price Groups available for an item we're adding to an order. There is some white-space in the Add Items(s) window where it could list currently available Price Groups (or available prices) that a user could select. (Select an item, it shows what Price Groups are eligible if added to this order, select one (and the Price Group is applied to the order), the pricing updates, then click Add/Add+)

    As our business grows we take more and more orders over the phone and enter them through the admin. As we grow, we also run a lot of promotions through Price Groups. These can include add-on product type groups and product discount type Price Groups which have specific qualifying and discounted items (a couple dozen of them), our first time customer basket discount Price Group, and our Price Group for simple sale prices (without qualifying items). The staff that manages our prices and promotions is not the same that takes orders, and that causes a bit of an logistical bottleneck for us.

    Our workflow for taking a phone order starts with verifying if the caller is already a customer (and adding it to the order if so), activating the main Price Group (current sale prices), use the Add Item(s) window to check prices and add items to an order as we converse with the caller, apply any special Price Groups related to individual products on the order (closing the Add Item(s) window each time), add any special notes or requests to the order, gather contact info if it is a guest (they rarely want to do this first), and take their money. It's a lot of back and forth between windows to keep the Price Groups and prices right, and doesn't always allow us to concentrate on the caller, since we're working hard on the side to make sure we have all the appropriate facts. The info is already carefully configured in the Marketing Price Group settings, so we're seeking an easier way to use that info if something else occurs to you.

    We have a system in place, but could use a little help, especially as we continue to grow. Thanks for considering.
    Charlie Morrison

  • Why not just use the front side of the site for adding in Phone Orders? There are also a couple of "phone order" modules (though i think a lot of them are getting a bit long in the tooth) that might solve/streamline your process).

    Bruce Golub
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    • Good thoughts. For some callers, entering through the front end works okay, but we had too many instances where we'd get everything almost finalized, and then the customer would ask for something special (price matching, special shipping options, etc.), which we were glad to do, but couldn't do it from the front end. Entering orders through the admin allows us complete control over the order details, and allows us to roll with all the customers' punches. And when we do that smoothly for the caller we convert almost every opportunity. We're doing okay with the issue right now, but could do better, especially as we continue to grow. I hadn't considered a phone order module recently, but I'll take a peek to see how much they might have changed. Thanks for the suggestion! Miva's been doing a great job evolving the core product for years, so I wanted to share our "wish."
      Charlie Morrison



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