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  • William Davis
    We have many categories each with hundreds of products that are small and light weight that qualify for an inexpensive flat rate "Shipping Method".

    Unfortunately, there are currently two methods to assign products eligible to a particular "Shipping Method", Add/Edit Product screen or via Product Import. Both of methods are great, but neither of them are ideal.

    The reason neither of these two method are ideal is because users adding or editing products too often forget to assign "Shipping Methods" that are the exception to the rule. Because these particular items failed to be assigned to a inexpensive flat rate "Shipping Method" they don't convert and end up sitting and collecting dust for a very long time until someone notices why they weren't moving off the self.

    There are countless of product categories that would benefit from the ability to assign certain "Shipping Method" to a particular category (e.g.: Small lightweight parts, Jewelry, Glasses, Phone Cases, Trading Cards, Stamps, Coins, etc...) instead on a product by product basis or product import.

    This would be a very important enhancement to the current platform, any chance of seeing this enhancement in the near future?
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  • Price Groups > Shipping Method Rules > Discounted Categories

    The ability to assign Shipping Method Rules to a Discounted Categories.

    Issue: Shipping light items internationally (e.g.: stamps, etc.) using flat rate Shipping Method Rules.
    Problem: No option to assign Shipping Method Rules to a Discounted Categories. Only option is to individually assign each product to desired Shipping Method Rules or via import, which is not ideal for obvious reasons, especially with many categories with hundreds of products in each one. Many always manage to slip through the cracks -unnecessarily frustrating.
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