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Search to Include Category Name or Category Custom Fields

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  • dreamingdigital
    It's kind of advanced, but you can edit search code so it searches category data as well. If you have Levels readyTheme you can see it does this on the "API" page. I can't give away code but that's a big hint. As for Miva just doing that out of the box, I'm not sure they would since you can do this mod, but who knows.

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  • Search to Include Category Name or Category Custom Fields

    Hi Community,
    I just wanted to throw this out there for discussion, but we would love the ability for the search to return products that have the search word in the category name or in a category custom field. This would be super helpful when people come to our site and type in the word "hardware" into our search. We have a category named Hardware that would be great if returned.

    As a temporary workaround, I made a custom field for the products named "Search Keywords" and selected that to be included in my search settings. This is great, but I would have to add the word "hardware" to each of the products in that category.


    Thank you,