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Mailchimp Module and Marketplace Orders

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  • Mailchimp Module and Marketplace Orders

    I've recently noticed (not sure why it too me so long...) that the Mailchimp module pushes up to Mailchimp order data for orders placed on Amazon that get imported into Miva. The customer email address is tagged as transactional only in Mailchimp (which is good), but it would be better if it were possible to completely exclude syncing these orders to Mailchimp.

    Amazon creates a dummy email address for each order ([email protected]) so it won't serve any purpose for Mailchimp's non-email marketing channels. And if you try to send an email to these addresses Amazon can ding you. I would prefer that these not get added to my Mailchimp account since I'm not able to market to Amazon's customers and I don't want to run the risk that I'll accidentally try to communicate with them and get burned by the Dragon.

    Would it be possible in the Mailchimp module, please, to list the marketplaces that are associated with the Miva store and provide an option for the store owner to select whether to sync these orders to Mailchimp or not?
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    Todd Gibson
    Oliver + S | Sewing Patterns for Kids and the Whole Family

  • Good sleuthing. That would be good to have. I agree.
    And Mailchimp support will say "Make a group or segment or whatever". Thanks... ok... I'd rather just have it not do that in the first place, right? :)
    Colin Puttick
    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...


    • I'll have to look into this more to verify this won't have any side-effects, but I have filed a bug for our 10.00.00 release.
      David Carver
      Miva, Inc. | Software Developer



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