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Branch control of Categories and Products

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    Branch control of Categories and Products

    At least I haven't found an easy way for this scenario without wrapping every template in a non-production branch with the branch ID. That somewhat defeats the purposes of branches.

    I am working on some template changes that are very much based on the new Category and Products that are in the category. These Category and Products should not be live in the production branch until the updates can be made live.

    My enhancement request is to be able to assign products and categories to branches with the ability to unassign them for production.

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    Today Branches are purely for the User Interface. They don't include things like products and categories. Those are always global across all branches. We do have plans to support for this type of product staging in the future, however for the time being you can use the tools such has Availability Groups to only show products to a certain groups of people including staging new products
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      Tagging into this - is there any way to prevent a ReadyTheme from adding the demo categories/products. I made the mistake of "assuming" the install would only impact the branch I was applying it to, then I see all the junk categories on the live site - UGGHHH....
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