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  • Bruce - PhosphorMedia
    hmmm...interesting idea. would the concept of "idle time by login BY user" work? cause, that will solve another problem which is that a lot of sites (and i agree -- sort of) are encouraged to set their 'log out' time to 30 minutes or less. this is fine for general admin work, but bad for development as non updated code changes can get lost. it would be handy to set developer logins longer idle time.

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  • ids
    started a topic Idle Auto-logout setting

    Idle Auto-logout setting

    I often run into a store where all the users for a license are logged in but idle. Even when there is one main user but the Admin is open on multiple computers or browsers. I'm suggesting an idle timing auto-logout option. The benefit, if a user is idle for a certain amount of time when another user logs in the timed-out idle user will be automatically logged off. The settings for this option should be to Enable the feature, then a timeout in minutes. An enhancement of that, a priority of who can be logged off first. This is the scenario where the store owner does little work in the store but would log in to check orders and sales and leaves the desk for the rest of the day without logging out. There is existing functionality where an Admin level user can log someone off that is idle. But non-Admins don't have that option.