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Ability to Embed Product Listings on Outside Websites with Copy/Paste Code

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    Ability to Embed Product Listings on Outside Websites with Copy/Paste Code

    Nowadays, people expect websites and online stores to be interactively integrated into one another. They expect a website to provide clear information on store products available, relevant to the topic of the website page. Miva Merchant up to now has operated as a remote island where accompanying websites are concerned. There is no easy way to get products in front of prospective customers' eyes via the website unless you create boring text links, or manually code listings with pictures, prices, and links. When you have over 300 products in various categories, with over 100 website pages of differing subjects, that is quite impossible to create, let alone maintain when store products are added or removed.

    If I go to my Kindle Store, I can copy and paste a one-click auto-generated code for any item that creates a formatted, beautiful listing for me with no work on my part. I'd love to see a feature in Miva where I could generate a code that would display my products on my external website with the option of a single product, or multiple products by category, tag, or even custom field. Give me a thumbnail image, product title, price, tag/category, and a link, and maybe a few customization settings for good measure.

    How many of us could use that on our websites to generate more sales and actually inform customers in a useful, visual way about what is available in real time instead of leaving them to guess? We have enough to do to maintain our stores. Please make it easy to connect people with the items we sell via our websites.


    Not sure you're interested (or able), but you could sort of do this yourself by creating a new page template. For example, create a 'product page' that just has the markup you need to put in place say on Faceplant, or InstaHam. Then all you need to do is call that page with the code of the product in the URL (of course, using that to feed to call to the product).

    If that's not in your wheelhouse, a good developer could do that rather affordably.
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