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Date Picker or Subscriptions for Price Groups/Avaiability Groups

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    Date Picker or Subscriptions for Price Groups/Avaiability Groups

    My end goal is to create customer levels (Gold, Platinum, etc) that require as little management as possible. Some customer levels would be "buy-in" (gold, platinum) and would have expiration/renewal dates while others would be free (educator, student, etc.) and would last for the duration of the customer's eligibility to that group.

    I use price groups to display special pricing for various customer levels, and I use Availability Groups to display member-only categories and products.

    Currently I'm able to do most of this, but it's very manual and requires a lot of time consuming setup and maintenance. Being able to assign the customer to a price group subscription, or a price group with an expiration date, would help considerably.

    I had looked at some ways of doing this a couple years ago using some great suggestions from Bruce, but I'm really starting to think tying subscriptions into this would be the way to go if some customer levels (memberships) are paid and others are free.
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