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Mini-Basket Button Settings for ApplePay

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    Mini-Basket Button Settings for ApplePay

    Global Settings > Mini-Basket > Button Settings for ApplePay, currently defaults to "Buy with Apple Pay Black" with no other option.

    Perhaps item parameters should dictate ApplePay approved styling versus ApplePay Button Settings UI.

    Finally, it would be ideal to display the ApplePay option in Mini-Basket without having to manually add the Head Tag Item code and Item to every page, otherwise the option is only visible in some pages and not globally which documentation fails to mentioned. Thus, giving shoppers an inconsistent experience when using the Mini-Basket.

    2021/08/18 Addendum:

    ApplePay Checkout UX needs to be revisited:
    • Both issues mentioned above.
    • ApplePay Button on checkout pages is set to page width.
    • Entire ApplePay UX does not give customers the following opportunities prior to checkout:
      • Option to add other products.
      • Checkout Options (e.g: Shipping Method, Etc.), and
      • Option to include Customer Shipping Instructions.
    Last edited by William Davis; 08-18-21, 08:31 AM.
    Thank you, Bill Davis