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Recaluclate basket total based on price group

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    Recaluclate basket total based on price group

    I posted on this in the general forum (, but I think it's worth adding to the dream features list as well.

    I would really like to see the functionality of the old Emporium Plus Basket Price Group Recalc module built into the core Miva software.

    For anyone using price groups, this functionality saves on customer support. I have price group customers who shop before logging in. Without the module, anything added to the cart before the customer logs in is charged at the regular price. Customers complete their order, realize they didn't receive their price group pricing, and then get in touch to complain and demand a refund.
    Todd Gibson
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    part of the reason for this ommision might be that, depending on the type of discount being applied, they have to run sub several functions such as Runtime_Discount_Basket( g.Basket ). (which you might try to use for your case).

    But, it would be handy to at least have a Runtime_Discount_All( g.Basket ) function
    Bruce Golub
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