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Net Sales Report, Canceled Orders Detail, Back in Stock Notice

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    Net Sales Report, Canceled Orders Detail, Back in Stock Notice

    Support suggested I put this here.

    Net Sales Report - Current reports offered in Miva generate "Gross Sales Reports". When someone cancels an order because it wasn't in stock, the order is canceled in Admin, which takes the Order total to $0, but the report is still adding the amount of each item from canceled orders to the Gross Sales Report. A report showing actually "sold order total that sucessfully shipped" would be useful.

    Canceled Orders Detail - Since the gross sales report mentioned above is seeing the individual item dollar amounts, I'd like to be able to run a report showing a grand total over a period of time of how much $ was basically lost, because someone canceled their order (always due to lack of a item out of stock). Also, if it could show what items/attributes were on the order (and their $ totals), we could share it with vendors or stock our store towards more frequent items that were canceled. When I currently used the advance order search feature by, it can export all canceled orders, but it doesn't show dollar amount that order would have been (all are at zero).

    Back in Stock Notice - Staying with Canceled orders, say we are notified by a vendor that a particular item has come back into stock. If there was a way to pull up the sku in the catalog and have the store send a templated "Back in Stock" notification (like when it sends "shipped" notifications) to any customer over a chosen amount of time (ie. in the last 30 days, 60, 90, etc) that had ordered but canceled their order when it was out, I believe it would increase sales.

    Thank you