I'm sure this has been asked at some point but figured I'd put it out there in case it hasn't. We have a fair amount of products that have documents - Material Safety Sheets, Tech Data Sheets, Warranties and so on. Right now I upload them via FTP to a folder and I use custom fields to add the relevant documents to a document section on each product page. Managing these and version by hand is a little tedious and potentially error prone with a folder full of documents, some of which may be old versions and so on. It would be nice if these could be managed in Miva admin, see how many pages or products link to the file, maybe assign descriptions, title, and tags so you could spit out a download page by tag, or category i.e. 'Paint Downloads, All Downloads etc. '

I can manage but it seems like this would be a natural extension of Miva's abilities ie 'click here to download a size template for this product, click here to download Safety Data Sheets for this product, download a credit application, etc etc'. Thinking on this as I type it might be cool to also have 'link type' so 'local file repository' or 'external file' so the front end could display a list of forms for example and could include your local forms and a dynamic JotForm.