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    Gift Cards

    I know this has come up before and it will probably come up again but is there any way to implement Gift Cards? It needs to work just like every other gift card, you don't need an account, you just enter the card number and Miva keeps track of the balance on the card. I was presented with yet another scenario where Gift Certificates (which require a customer account) do not work for the store owner:

    We have private team pages were team members login in their team page with a specific login and password and then check out from there with no account. If someone logs into their private team page and wants to redeem their gift certificate and has a balance left, the balance is left on the team page account and the next team member that logins into the team page would be able to use their remaining balance.
    A gift card without the requirement to create an account is needed. I seem to recall this is something that has been asked for now for years. FWIW, it sounds like the old Sebenza Ultimate Gift Certificates module may have been able to do this. I'm not sure, the store owner had to dump the module for "obvious" reasons.
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