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Mailchimp module: only post to Mailchimp when order is completed

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    Mailchimp module: only post to Mailchimp when order is completed

    I'm seeing a problem that could be resolved with a change to the Mailchimp module.

    I have the checkmark to subscribe to emails on the OCST page. But I am seeing a large number of visits from a Google Bot that adds something to a basket, completes the OCST page, and then abandons the cart before completing the sale--obviously.

    The issue is that each time it completes the OCST page, the information the bot provides there is posted to my Mailchimp audience. It's always an email address that ends with I'll attach a screenshot of my Review Baskets page showing what's open now from this bot.

    I've had the issue recently where when I attempt to send from Mailchimp, it suspends my ability to do so because the audience contains a large number of known bad addresses. I am then forced to do a reconfirmation mailing to ALL addresses added since my last send--which causes me to lose most of the good subscribers I have gained.

    This problem could be avoided, I think, if when the box on the OCST page is checked Miva would only post to Mailchimp when the order is completed successfully. Doing this would help avoid problems with bots, spammers, and scammers being added to the audience and ensure that only valid customers who complete a purchase make it there.

    Todd Gibson
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    You could turn on the "Require Double Opt-In" setting. This will of course require users to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in their initial subscription confirmation email.

    It also might be worth seeing if the checkbox can be moved to the OPAY page. That could be an easier less trouble free option for your users.

    If the Mailchimp integration allows, you could also remove the checkbox entirely and add your signup form to the INVC page and have it prepopulated with the Bill To email on the order.
    <input class="mail_chimp_email" data-mailchimp-identifier="global-mailchimp-email" type="email" name=”Email_Address”  value=”&mvte:order:bill_email;” />
    Then all the customer has to do is click the Sign Up form's Submit button. You'll just want to make sure its placed in an easily visible and accessible position on the INVC page.

    Google usually adds stuff to the cart to verify that your shipping and tax charges match what you have set up in Google Merchant Center/ Shopping. So, sometimes they go as far as OSEL to check shipping rates and as far as OPAY to check tax charges but they do not submit the form on OPAY.
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