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Scheduled Task Alert Emails

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    Scheduled Task Alert Emails

    Would love to get email alerts with errors or warnings, even informational, of scheduled tasks.

    For example, if I am not monitoring the log I could miss that something happened and a task was unable to complete due to an external 3rd party dependency like a file not making it to the FTP server.

    Would love some sort of email alert when a task fails, has errors or warnings, or even to verbosely send the whole output of the task itself.

    Ideally, it would be specific to the task so it can be sent to different teams based on the task, and some we may not even need to know like the Miva ones such as expire carts, generate dashboard reports (these are not critical to business function).


    That use to exist back in the old MM4.24c days, though not as elaborate as your suggestion, but it would be greatly welcomed.
    Thank you, Bill Davis