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Issues with Price Discounts

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    Issues with Price Discounts

    Since we've moved to Miva 10, we have been having an issue with editing orders that contain products that are discounted by being in price groups. The products have multiple attribute templates, many with pricing incorporated with each attribute. If we have to EDIT an order - and specifically a product that is discounted as I am describing, Miva changes the pricing on all of the items to the new discounted price - and then applies the discount again when saving the item after editing. Meaning, if I have to make an edits to a discounted product, I have to make sure to RETYPE in the full price associated with each attribute template. When is this bug going to be fixed? This was not an issue in Miva 9. Please advise.

    Hi davjav,

    Thanks for the report. We actually have already fixed that internally and it will be included in the next release.
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    David Carver
    Miva, Inc. | Software Developer