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    I can't say enough good things about the folks at Miva Merchant. I submitted a non-emergency support ticket to update my Miva Engine from 5.06 to 5.15. Less than 12 hours later the engine was updated. After that I was able to update my test store from PR7 to PR8 Update5. The update of Miva Merchant went as smooth as glass. The test store seems to be running a lot faster since the updates. Thanks Miva Merchant.

    Next project. Now that I have the test store at PR8U5, I need to add a mobile framework to it. With the exponential proliferation of smartphones, all (ok, 99%) stores should have a mobile window into their business. Due to the size of the screen, the pages have to be simplified. Thanks to Miva Merchant and their open user interface and willingness to share their templates, a basic mobile layout is available. The simplicity of the layout may bother some store owners who like bling all over their pages, but for the majority it is a whole new universe of shoppers. Have you looked around lately? Everywhere you go (even riding along I-95), folks are talking, texting, and browsing on their smartphones. Who can afford to ignore those folks (especially when they skid off the highway). The key is "how to get the ROI to a point where it makes sense to add the mobile layout." Do you expect to make a lot of sales via the smartphone in the next six months; probably not. Is there any way you can make more shoppers buy via a smartphone; probably not. But if you don't play, you cannot win. You can bet your competitors are working on their mobile solution right now. Can you get the cost of adding a mobile interface lower? Sure, it is done with supply and demand. If more people are doing it, the cost will come down. So what are you folks waiting for? If you've never seen the mobile layout of a Miva Merchant store because you don't have a smartphone, from your PC/MAC check out the MOBILE DEMO at
    Bill Weiland - Emporium Plus
    Online Documentation