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    I want to get Sublime connected to my store in the worst way, but I'm not having much luck. Can anybody help?

    I have installed Sublime 3 on Windows 10 machine.

    I downloaded this package - and that seems to have worked. At least in Sublime, under Preferences>Package Settings I show MvSublimeTemplateEditor

    And I have sublime_templateeditor module V.9 installed and active on my store.

    But I don't know what to do from here...

    Matt E.

  • You need to go to the package settings: Preferences -> Package Settings -> MvSublimeTextEditor -> Setings Default

    Here you can modify the JSON to include your store code, URL, username and password, local_exported_templates path.

    Once done, save it and restart sublime. You should then be able to use the keyboard shortcuts to pull in your pages:

    ctrl+m ctrl+m - Display Menu
    ctrl+m ctrl+p - List pages
    ctrl+m ctrl+a - List Template Versions

    Brennan Heyde
    VP Developer Relations
    Miva, Inc.


    • Thanks, Brennan. When I open that file in sublime it shows nothing. I can open in notepad and it displays text. I tried changing the settings and saving from there but then when I reboot sublime, those shortcuts don't do anything.

      Here is what is in my settings file (MvSublimeTemplateEditor.sublime-settings)

              Store Password Encryption via OpenSSL.
              To disable (store passwords will be saved in this settings file as plain text), use:
              "disable_master_password": true
              If enabled (aka, if the above command is absent), use the following options:
              "openssl_command"    : The path to your openssl executable. e.g. "/usr/bin/openssl" or "C:\\bin\\openssl.exe"
              "cipher"            : Should be "-des3" or "-aes256"
          "openssl_command": "openssl",
            "cipher": "-aes256",
                Store List
                  "name": "harpkit",
                      // the store code to grab the pages from
                      "store_code": "I put my store code in here",
                      // the json URL to the store
                      "json_url": "",
                      // the store login username
                      "username": "I put my username in here",
                      // the store login password
                      "password": "I put my password in here", // If OpenSSL (Master Password) is enabled, this password will be encrypted
                      // the number of seconds to spend on blocking operations
                      "timeout": 15
                  "local_exported_templates": "/c/tmp/"
      Matt E.


      • Did you ever figure this out? I'm in the same boat... think everything is configured but shortcuts don't do anything.


        • I changed the settings below and kinda got it to work by selecting Preferences | Package Control | and entering MvSublimeTemplateEditor but the key bindings are not working.

          "disable_master_password": true,
          "openssl_command": "openssl",
          "cipher": "-aes256",
          Ray Yates
          "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
          --- Sir Isaac Newton


          • I am able to see the files. When I edit them I hit save, but it does not seem to push the changes back to Miva. Is there something else I am missing?


            • I figured it out. Hit CTRL+M (twice) and hit ENTER on Commit.



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