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PayPal and credit card security

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  • PayPal and credit card security

    I have had an issue with the dishonest element using my website to test for credit cards that are usable even though stolen. The result is a run up in the usage of my credit card portal and this is a problem for PayPal, my credit card processor.

    There solution is to put an I AM NOT A ROBOT feature on my checkout and then to complete an order the customer needs to trees or signs or something in a picture and it they cannot pass the test then I guess they have to shop elsewhere. Cannot imagine how this works for an old guy suing a cell phone.

    Is there a solution to this problem that does not put another bump between my customer and the completion of the order?

    Bob MacLachlan

  • Have you reviewed these tools available in Miva, especially this part?

    "The reCAPTCHA may be turned on manually or enabled whenever a threshold number of authorization failures occur within a specified period of time."


    • We also have the auto blacklisting and other carding features built in too.

      Rick Wilson
      Miva, Inc.


      • How do you enable the builtin in reCaptcha on the CTUS page?

        Stephen M. LaBar, Jr.
        (770) 441-9447
        The Martial Arts Store

        Please Visit Our Site At:


        • Hello,

          The built in ReCAPTCHA module is only setup to work during checkout. You would need to implement the Scripts yourself to add it to the contact us form.



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