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Expiring Digital Certificates for UPS Developer Kit

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    Expiring Digital Certificates for UPS Developer Kit

    Got this message from UPS today.. will this affect Miva? Any action Miva stores will need to take?

    The current Comodo Sectigo server certificate used for UPS Developer Kit transactions submitted to will expire on February 25, 2021.
    Beginning February 15, 2021, UPS will update the certificate to the current Comodo Sectigo at which time customers can download the new certificate. The migration will be completed February 19, 2021.
    Most customer interfaces will download the certificate automatically. In the event your application uses a separate certificate store you will need to work with your IT resources to update it.
    After February 19, 2021 if your certificate has not been updated your UPS Developer Kit API transactions will fail.
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    It should have no impact on us, if it does, it's a simple update under the hood to our certificates bundle (which would not require a Miva Merchant update)

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    Miva, Inc.
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