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Miva Merchant Marketplaces 1.000 Is Now Available (Beta)

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    Miva Merchant Marketplaces 1.000 Is Now Available (Beta)

    Miva Merchant is excited to announce Marketplaces 1.000 is officially available. This is a beta in the sense that Gmail was a beta for almost 10 years. The software has been fully tested and is release worthy, however this is a brand new set of features that are new enough and unique enough we'd like to get live users and solicit feedback before we include it in the Core software.

    Marketplaces at it's core allows you to:

    1. Sell on other Marketplace Websites (such as eBay and Amazon)
    2. Manage your inventory on multiple marketplaces
    3. Optionally pull your orders from those Marketplaces back into Miva for Order Management and Customer Service.

    Version 1.000 of Marketplaces only supports eBay at this time (Amazon coming this summer) and does not currently support Product Attributes (coming in the next few weeks).

    If you'd like to start using Miva Merchant Marketplaces email me at [email protected] and reference this post.
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