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Miva Merchant 9.0001 and 9.0002 Are Now Available

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    Miva Merchant 9.0001 and 9.0002 Are Now Available

    Miva Merchant 9.0001 Release Notes

    New Features/Improvements

    • Categories can now be navigated hierarchically from the Catalog menu item in the main menu
    • Universal Search is now available from the low-resolution navigation bar
    • Apply Coupon forms have been modified to allow the shopper to stay on the current page when applying coupons. If an error occurs when applying the coupon, it is displayed on the page the shopper came from, instead of the BASK page.
    • The vertical screen resolution that triggers the low-resolution navigation bar is now configurable on a per-user basis
    • ReadyTheme product lists now support the new MM9 discounting functionality
    • ReadyTheme items can now be preloaded prior to rendering, allowing template code to check if they are active, using functions Load_Image, Load_Banner, Load_NavigationSet, Load_ContentSection, and Load_ProductListing. All of the functions take two parameters: code and output var, where code is the code of the item to be loaded and output is a variable which receives the loaded item.
    • The Google Analytics module can now be run in three separate modes: Classic, Universal Analytics, and Universal Analytics w/Enhanced Ecommerce. This allows merchants to make use of the new universal analytics features without having to implement the entire enhanced ecommerce feature set.
    • Improved rendering performance in batch lists and dialogs
    • The minimum required Miva Merchant and MivaScript version can now be specified when exporting a framework.
    • Images that already exist on the server can now be registered from within the image picker.
    • The default sort order can now be reversed on product lists within runtime, allowing products that were most recently added or assigned to a category/product to be displayed at the top of the list instead of the end of the list.
    • Mini-Basket settings have been moved to the Settings tab of the User Interface page
    • Discount modules are now notified of Price Group deletion through the DiscountModule_PriceGroup_Delete API function
    • Fixed scrolling issues in Mobile Safari
    • Fixed issues with autocomplete/autofill on the Administrative login page
    • The home screen now contains links to apps.miva

    Bugs Fixed

    10698: Administrative Interface: Secure admin, Edit pages, tab switching can become disabled in google chrome.
    11989: Module: endicialabels: can not properly void international labels (live servers only)
    12729: Module: shipexport: Shipment export does not export unshipped order correctly.
    12781: Administrative Interface: Previous label remains visible when switching to view a PDF label while viewing multiple labels
    14871: Module: endicialabels: Endicia: Cannot set DeliveryConfirmation and SignatureConfirmation services together
    15150: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Cannot solve packaging when product has limited shipping methods
    15332: Module: paypalpro: PayPal pro should validate that the card type selected matches the credit card type entered.
    15440: Module: mvfedexsoap: Edit Charges dialog: Recalculating SmartPost shipping method generates invalid shipping method error.
    16750: Discounting Subsystem: Volume pricing, Progressive mode should be disabled when pricing method is non-progressive
    16773: Provisioning: Provisioning allows imports to be created with automatic field mapping and no header row
    16824: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Shipping rules, negative fixed shipping rate adjustments should not force a shipping price below $0
    16843: Discounting Subsystem: Discount modules should be notified when a price group is deleted
    16844: Discounting Subsystem: Legacy price groups should not be able to be assigned to a coupon
    16937: Import Subsystem: Product import does not correctly parse tokens across the buffer boundary
    17060: Core JSON: Return JSON Field error when attempting to set a category parent equal to the category
    17124: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: The Mini-Basket settings should be moved into a group tab
    17127: Core JSON: JSON_Search_Filter: Negative comparisons (NOTLIKE, NC, NE) do not properly handle NULL values
    17130: Upsale: Upsold product lists should have a visible Pricing Mode column
    17133: Module: discount_volume: Add Price Group, Volume Pricing, Pricing table always shows the remove X in IE8
    17151: Database Layer: Remove LaunchPad function stubs
    17167: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme product listings resets all settings values
    17181: Module: customfields: Custom Fields MMBatchList does not load correctly if the module was installed prior to PR8U9
    17183: Administrative Interface: LRNS uses 100% CPU and kills memory performance on IE/FF
    17188: Administrative Interface: The Administrative Sessions MMBatchList should have 'Date Created' and 'Last Updated' columns
    17189: MMBatchList: MMBatchList_Column_DateTime default width should be greater
    17190: Administrative Interface: Cannot access Upgrade Wizard while in LRNS mode
    17191: Administrative Interface: Universal Search should be accessible from the LRNS
    17192: Administrative Interface: LRNS buttons do not have tool-tip text
    17193: Discounting Subsystem: DiscountModule_PriceGroup_Delete should be called when a price group's discount module is changed
    17194: Core JSON: json/ text, html, compresswhitespace should be removed from insert, update, and delete function
    17196: Discounting Subsystem: JSON_PriceGroup_Validate should pass l.pricegroup to DiscountModule_Validate and DiscountModule_Fields
    17198: Administrative Interface: Add category heirarchy as sub-menu items under the catalog menu
    17199: Administrative Interface: Add a user-level preference that controls the LRNS threshold window height
    17200: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Apply coupon form is hard coded to take users to the BASK page
    17201: Module: cmp-mmui-basket: Apply coupon form is hard coded to take users to the BASK page
    17202: Module: cssui: Coupon exceptions force the user to the BASK page
    17203: Module: mmui: Coupon exceptions force the user to the BASK page
    17204: Universal Search: Payment SuperMod breaks Universal Search
    17205: Framework Import/Export: Framework import/export should have a mechanism for tracking the minimum required Miva Merchant and MivaScript version
    17209: Administrative Interface: Cannot add images by typing in a file path
    17211: Module: customfields: SQL error when using search on the Custom fields tab.
    17212: Administrative Interface: MMMenuButton_Item_SubMenu menus do not scroll with the keyboard
    17214: Administrative Interface: Users with limited privileges cannot properly edit canonical category code and alternate display page and may inadvertently wipe out existing values for those fields
    17215: Core JSON: JSON_OrderItem_Add: Error should be using JSON_Response_Error
    17216: Administrative Interface: Catalog > Category menus behave very oddly in LRNS mode
    17217: Administrative Interface: admin/ Update vimeo link to go to the correct url
    17218: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Apply Coupon form is non-secure on a secure page
    17219: Module: cmp-mmui-basket: Apply Coupon form is non-secure on a secure page
    17220: Module: discount_addon: Required fields should be boldfaced
    17221: Discounting Subsystem: Price Group refcount values are incorrectly incremented / decremented
    17222: Universal Search: Universal search does not search module tabs created through one of the Module_xxx_BatchEdit_Tabs functions
    17223: Patches: Discount modules refcount values are incorrect
    17224: MMBatchList: MMBatchlists should keep the current scroll position when entering edit display order mode
    17225: Administrative Interface: Order information does not load after opening order from Universal Search
    17227: Administrative Interface: Category Edit display order should not be displayed unless all categories are being shown.
    17232: Administrative Interface: Product Edit display order should not be displayed unless all products are being shown.
    17233: Administrative Interface: MMButton: Add the ability to middle click (like MMMenuButton)
    17236: Utility Library: State code validation should only happen if the state is required or not blank
    17237: Administrative Interface: Edit Category, products tab, edit display order should not be displayed unless all Products are being shown
    17238: Universal Search: Universal search should not relocate cursor position after every keystroke
    17239: Universal Search: Search tabs other than "Places" should only show top-level items
    17240: Framework Import/Export: Components should list Code when saving a Framework
    17241: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, some MMBatchlist fields do not sort correctly
    17242: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, advance search does not work on some fields
    17243: Administrative Interface: Order processing, the fields Shipment ID and Shipment Data are always empty
    17244: Module: mvga: mvga.js: g.Screen contains the INVC screen code when there is a a validation error on OPAY
    17245: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, Customer ID column should be Customer Login
    17246: Module: mvga: modules/util/ Add a mode option "Enhanced Ecommerce" that outputs product data separately from analytics.js mode
    17247: Customers: Customers MMBatchList should not have sort by customer ID
    17248: Administrative Interface: Remove invisible "Links" and "Help" links from admin screens
    17249: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Module is always outputting in Advanced mode from SkinsComponentModule_Export_Item
    17250: Administrative Interface: The Spinning loading icon is not correctly centered
    17251: Administrative Interface: Edit Product: Images MMBatchList does not sort the 'type' column correctly
    17252: Administrative Interface: Edit Product: Images MMBatchList, Search & Advanced Search do not search the 'type' column correctly
    17253: Module: readytheme: Product Listing - Displayed Price / Additional Price Display options need to be added
    17254: Core JSON: SQL_Query_OrderBy_Fields and JSON_Search_Filter refactor how correlations are determined
    17255: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme should have Load_xxx functions implemented
    17256: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Stack underflow when advanced searching in Shipping Method Rules
    17257: Import Subsystem: Advanced Search in Import Settings erroneously returns all values
    17258: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, shipments tab, some MMBatchlist fields do not sort correctly
    17259: Administrative Interface: Order Processing: Shipments, Advance Search does not work on some fields
    17260: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, shipments tab, shipping address and billing address fields are always blank
    17261: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, shipments tab, customer ID should not be a searchable field
    17262: Administrative Interface: Order Processing, shipments tab, Track link should not be a searchable field
    17263: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Not all navigation items are listed in the MMBatchList
    17265: Administrative Interface: State codes longer than two characters should be permitted
    17266: Provisioning: Import_Add: Delimiter tag does not properly handle the "space" value
    17267: MMBatchList: LoadAtIndex will trigger two loads when refreshing the list
    17268: Framework Import/Export: Frameworks, Advanced Search: Created On, Last Applied search not working properly
    17269: Module: statetax: State Based Sales Tax: Advanced search not working correctly for State / Tax Shipping fields
    17270: Administrative Interface: Domain Settings, Countries, Country ISO search not working properly.
    17272: Database Layer: Runtime_PriceGroupList_Load_Product uses non-existent "type" column in sNN_PriceGroups
    17273: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Product Display Lists: Default Sort Method should have a reversed default option
    17274: Module: cmp-mmui-prodlist: Product Display Lists: Default Sort Method should have a reversed default option
    17275: Administrative Interface: Order Shipment columns should be using the Currency column type
    17276: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Module_Provision_Store: LineItemDiscounts should use PRV_Tag_List
    17277: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Mini-Basket: New provisioning tags are not being saved correctly
    17278: Framework Import/Export: Frameworks are failing to export the first image from page component templates in certain cases
    17285: Module: readytheme: Product Display Lists: Default Sort Method should have a reversed default option
    17286: Framework Import/Export: When exporting Frameworks should moved images found outside of the Miva Merchant install directory into the Miva Merchant directory
    17287: Administrative Interface: Attribute inline add mode should be exited when the attribute template dialog is opened
    17288: Administrative Interface: Canceling an order item no longer removes its value from the order total.
    17291: Administrative Interface: The show records button on the related products screen has the wrong hover text.
    17292: Affiliates: Affiliates: 'Hits, Percent, Flat, Balance' columns do not work correctly when using Advanced Search
    17293: Affiliates: Affiliate Payouts screen has unknown columns when sorting / searching
    17294: Price Groups: Price Groups: Qualifying Products 'Current Stock' column does not sort or search properly
    17295: Price Groups: Price Groups: Discounted Products 'Current Stock' column does not sort or search properly
    17296: Affiliates: Affiliates: Code column should be renamed to Login
    17298: Core JSON: JSON_OrderShipmentList_Load_Query never finishes loading if searching for product contained in orders
    17299: MMBatchList: Numeric fields should not be substring matched when performing a non-advanced search
    17301: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Setting the Default Sort Method to a value not enabled in Sorting Options shows the incorrect "selected" sort in runtime
    17302: Administrative Interface: Ordres / Shipments: MMBatchList does not display formatted currency values correctly
    17303: Administrative Interface: Admin_Update_Frames: Change "lrns_toggleheight" to "lrns_threshold"
    17304: Administrative Interface: admin/ Rename form field/variable Admin_User_LRNS_ToggleHeight to User_LRNS_Threshold
    17305: Price Groups: features/pgr/ PriceGroup_Delete: Only the discount module used by a price group (if any) should be notified of deletion
    17306: Provisioning: features/prv/ PRV_Action_Provision_Domain_UserAdd/PRV_Action_Provision_Domain_UserUpdate: Change LowResolutionToggleHeight tag to LowResolutionNavigationThreshold
    17307: Shipping/Packaging Rules: features/shp/ ShippingMethod_ApplyToBasket_LowLevel: Line 438: - l.total_amount should be - l.total_disp_amount
    17308: Shipping/Packaging Rules: features/shp/ ShippingMethodRules_Adjusted_Price: Line 747: This line could, potentially, increase a previously negative price (with positive adjustment) to 0, when it shouldn't
    17309: Framework Import/Export: features/tui/ TemplateManager_Export_ExternalFiles: Lines 1203, 1240: These might be better as MvWHILE loops
    17310: Framework Import/Export: features/tui/ TemplateManager_Export_ExternalFiles: Lines 1204, 1206, 1241, 1243: Operator precedence here leads to incorrect results
    17311: Core JSON: json/ JSON_AdministrativeSessionList_Load_Query: Line 66: lastupdate is a string field and needs to be string encoded
    17312: Core Runtime: lib/ Change g.Merchant_Version to 9.0001
    17313: Administrative Interface: admin/admin_ui.css: Line 5695: "mivaicons" should be "MivaIcons"
    17314: Database Layer: lib/dbprim/ User_Insert needs an ISNULL check and default value for lrns_th
    17315: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: modules/component/ SkinsComponentModule_Export_Item does not export ReverseDefaultDisplayOrder
    17316: Module: cmp-mmui-prodlist: modules/component/ SkinsComponentModule_Export_Item does not export ReverseDefaultDisplayOrder
    17317: Module: readytheme: modules/component/ JSON_ReadyThemeNavigationItemList_Load_Query: If you don't want Offset or Count, why are you calling DB_OPENVIEW_Range at all?
    17318: Module: readytheme: modules/component/ SkinsComponentModuleExportItem_ProductListings does not export ReverseDefaultDisplayOrder
    17319: Module: mvga: modules/util/ "classic" is no longer an appropriate column name, since the setting is really a tri-state mode now
    17320: Provisioning: provisioning/master_provide.xml: Change LowResolutionToggleHeight tag to LowResolutionNavigationThreshold
    17321: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: MMBatchList_NoFeatures.prototype.NewRow: Line 6618: Use icon-loading instead of MivaIconMap
    17322: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: Rename class MMBatchList_Column_Module_Feature to MMBatchList_Column_ModuleList
    17323: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: onDisplayOrderReset_LoadRecordIndex should be passed a callback parameter
    17324: MMBatchList: admin/ Element_MMBatchList_JavaScript: Line 25: Is MMBatchList_Pagination_PerPage still used?
    17325: Administrative Interface: admin/universalsearch.js: UniversalSearchList.prototype.onDataSetChanged: Line 1393: Local variable "list" shadows the parameter "list" and should be removed
    17326: Administrative Interface: admin/ Rename form field/variable Admin_User_PageLen_Entry to just User_PageLen
    17327: Administrative Interface: Formatting bug for file: admin/product/imagelist.js
    17328: Core JSON: Formatting bug for file:
    17329: Administrative Interface: admin/order/list.js: OrderList.prototype.onProcessLoadedData: item is not declared
    17330: Administrative Interface: admin/order/list.js: OrderIndex_Load_ID: Should we be passing the filter to the OrderIndex_Load_ID function?
    17332: Administrative Interface: admin/universalsearch.js: UniversalSearch.prototype.Resize: we should be calculating the this.element_menu_container.offsetWidth/this.element_menu.offsetHeight outside of the assignment loop to prevent multiple reflows/recalculate cycles
    17333: Core JSON: json/ Line 79: "fond" should be "found"
    17334: Core JSON: json/ Lines 1028-1032: This loading behavior is duplicated within the if block on line 1038. We should either move these to the same if block, or load it into a reusable variable to avoid querying the same data more than once.
    17335: Module: discount_volume: modules/discount/volume/styles.css: Incorrect IDENT tag (says it is admin_ui.css)
    17336: Administrative Interface: admin/domain/domaincountrylist.js: We should be passing explicit 0 to the ISO column's numeric batchlist column constructor if we don't want decimal places
    17337: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: Line 877-880: We could make this more efficient by doing a read/write block here as well.
    17338: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: MMBatchList_NoFeatures.prototype.ProcessBindQueue: Instead of using splice, we should use "shift".
    17339: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: Lines 5489, 5565, 5594, 5671: this.BindQueueList_AppendItem( row ) is unnecessary due to the "ReBindVisibleRows" call at the end of the function (which adds all the visible rows to the bind queue)
    17340: MMBatchList: admin/mmbatchlist.js: Lines 6772-6789: For increased performance, we could assign column_div.element_div to a local variable (this will decrease the amount of lookups required)
    17341: Administrative Interface: admin/mmdialog.js: The DisableOption function should only set the selected value to "value_if_selected" if the currently selected value is the value we're disabling (it currently does it if the disabled value is present in the list at all)
    17342: Administrative Interface: admin/mmscreen.js: Function MMScreen.prototype.Breadcrumbs_CompressElements: breadcrumb_container_width is not declared
    17343: Administrative Interface: Formatting bug for file: admin/domain/domaincountrylist.js
    17345: Price Groups: features/pgr/ Lines 1744, 1901, and 2012: "fond" should be "found"
    17346: Administrative Interface: JavaScript dialogs force UTF-8 character set encoding
    17347: Module: cmp-mmui-prodlist: Setting the Default Sort Method to a value not enabled in Sorting Options shows the incorrect "selected" sort in runtime
    17348: Administrative Interface: Edit Category, Product Tab, Add Product, category code not automatically added to new product
    17352: Administrative Interface: Product Advanced Search: The Category field should take a comma separated list of category codes
    17357: Administrative Interface: admin/product/imagelist.js: Product_ImageList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_Lo adRecordIndex: Line 125: Just pass callback directly
    17358: Administrative Interface: admin/product/list.js: ProductList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_LoadReco rdIndex: Line 88: Just pass callback directly
    17359: Administrative Interface: admin/ui.js: OpenLinkInNewWindow does not work with cgi-bin style URLs
    17360: Affiliates: features/aff/payoutlist.js: PayoutList: Lines 25-26: Why is this button named button_userlist_add?
    17361: Related Products: features/rpd/relatedproductlist.js: RelatedProductList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_L oadRecordIndex: Line 95: Just pass callback directly
    17362: Template Subsystem: features/tui/itemextensionlist.js: ItemExtensionList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_Lo adRecordIndex: Line 73: Just pass callback directly
    17363: Template Subsystem: features/tui/ Line 1240: This glosub is unnecessary
    17364: Module: mvga: modules/util/ Module_Provision_Store_Settings: Lines 558-560: PRV_Tag_List is case-insensitive, there is no need to duplicate the values
    17365: Administrative Interface: admin/admin_ui.css: font and graphic URLs don't work with cgi-bin style URLs
    17366: Administrative Interface: admin/bookmarklist.js: BookmarkList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_LoadRec ordIndex: Line 45: Just pass callback directly
    17367: Administrative Interface: admin/ Screen_Categories: Line 269: Title should be "Add Sub-Category to Category 'xxx'"
    17368: Administrative Interface: admin/category/categoryproductlist.js: CategoryProductList.prototype.Add: Line 66: This should be passing Category_Code, not Category_ID
    17369: Administrative Interface: admin/category/categoryproductlist.js: CategoryProductList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_ LoadRecordIndex: Line 116: Just pass callback directly
    17370: Administrative Interface: admin/category/list.js: CategoryList.prototype.onDisplayOrderReset_LoadRec ordIndex: Line 103: Just pass callback directly
    17371: Administrative Interface: admin/ Screen_Products: Line 381: Category_ID should be Category_Code
    17372: Administrative Interface: Formatting bug for file: json/
    17373: Administrative Interface: admin/universalsearch.js: UniversalSearch_DataLoader_Context.prototype.Searc h_Callback: We should really be caching the tablist (before filter) just like we do for the normal list.
    17374: Administrative Interface: admin/universalsearch.js: We should really make MMUniversalSearchDataController a passed in parameter.
    17375: Template Subsystem: features/tui/ Line 1242: should be 17394: Universal Search: Searching Pages returns no results
    17395: Universal Search: Searching Upsell List returns no results
    17396: Administrative Interface: User Interface, Items tab, Add Item button non-functional
    17397: Administrative Interface: Delete This Order button from order overlay does not refresh the order details once the order has been delete
    17398: Administrative Interface: Export modules, export button doesn't unlock after errors are cleared
    17399: Module: mvga: Incorrect variable name in Module_Provision_Store_Settings
    17401: Administrative Interface: Domain Country List: Duplicate country code validation should apply to country name instead
    17402: Administrative Interface: Inline add on Domain Country list incorrectly warns the user about losing changes
    17403: Administrative Interface: Domain Country List: ISO codes do not allow duplicates
    17404: Discounting Subsystem: Differences in item price and base_price are not properly accounted for in basket/order totals
    17405: Discounting Subsystem: Upsold products are qualifying and eligible for discounts
    17406: Module: upsxml: Reference numbers cannot be specified
    17407: Administrative Interface: Order processing, orders, Backorder count does not sort or search correctly
    17408: Administrative Interface: Order processing, orders, Billing Address2 does not sort or search correctly
    17409: Discounting Subsystem: Basket discounts do not consider the price of non-product items
    17410: Administrative Interface: Order processing, orders, Shipping Address2 does not sort or search correctly
    17411: Administrative Interface: Order Processing: Remove Stock Status column
    17412: Administrative Interface: OrderIndex_Load_ID doesn't always load the correct value
    17413: Administrative Interface: Users with only the Product privileges should not see the edit product, categories tab
    17414: Module: mvga: ga_tracking item does not export correctly when saving frameworks
    17415: Module: flatrate: JSON_FlatRateMethod_Insert/Update/Delete should log their actions to the system log
    17416: MMBatchList: Clicking the row error icon no longer opens the error notifications menu
    17417: Module: mod10: JSON_MOD10Card_Validate does not work correctly
    17419: Import Subsystem: Import, columns manually set to skip are missing when editing the import again.
    17420: MMBatchList: Bookmarks Manager MMBatchlist, the searched for/selected record does not get selected when entering display order mode.
    17421: Administrative Interface: Edit Product, Attribute tab, regular search does not work if attribute codes and prompts are numeric.
    17422: Administrative Interface: JavaScript error when using universal search in IE8
    17423: MMBatchList: Catalog, Categories, Add Child Category button non-functional in IE 11
    17424: MMBatchList: History Manager, when opening a page on a new tab from the HM the dialog closes.
    17425: Universal Search: Universal Search, Places link not loading the correct tab
    17426: Universal Search: Universal Search, Places, Edit Group: Privileges is not returned by the universal search.
    17427: Universal Search: In IE 11: Universal Search does not close after selecting a link for an inline tab.
    17429: Administrative Interface: MMScreen: IE: LRNS bar does not go away if you scroll down the page and then very quickly scroll up to the top
    17430: Administrative Interface: No results when searching for product attributes in mivasql
    17432: Core JSON: MySQL: JSON_Filter: Numeric column filtering is broken when comparing any TEXT string against a column value of 0
    17443: Administrative Interface: admin/order/overlay_details.js: OrderListDetailOverlay_Details.prototype.Refresh: Lines 963-965 should not be required
    17444: Module: endicialabels: modules/shipping/ File needs error codes generated
    17445: Module: mvfedexsoap: modules/shipping/ ShippingModule_Calculate_Basket should only search for SMART_POST methods when the selected shipping method is known to be SmartPost
    17447: Module: cmp-mv-prodctgy-meta: JSON_METAName_Insert/Update should use JSON_Response_FieldError when a META name already exists
    17448: Universal Search: Universal search hogs a ton of CPU
    17450: Administrative Interface: Third Party Modules should have breadcrumb/bookmark support
    17451: Module: wtbship: Shipping Settings, Weight Table Based, Adv Search not working properly
    17452: Module: cmp-cssui-attributes: Edit Product, Attributes, unable to add attributes.
    17453: Module: qship: Shipping Settings, Quantity Based Shipping, Adv Search not working properly
    17454: Module: cmp-cssui-messages: Upon restoring a message, the record is not refreshed
    17455: Module: cmp-cssui-messages: JSON_CSSUIMessage_Update always creates a managed template version for the Replacement Text
    17456: Module: ptbship: Shipping Settings, Price Table Based Shipping, Adv Search not working properly
    17457: Module: customfields: Custom Field Groups search does not work
    17458: Module: customfields: Custom Fields: Searching for values in the Group column does not work in Basic Search
    17463: Administrative Interface: The Shipments overlay order list looses its selected style when adding an item to the order
    17464: Module: discount_basket: Order subtotal not displaying properly after applying basket discount.
    17465: Import Subsystem: Error when adding an import with a tab or space delimiter
    17466: Administrative Interface: In IE 8, getting a javascript error while adding a product without a code
    17467: Module: baseunit: Base + Weight shipping doesn't highlight the field after a field error.
    17468: Patches: graphics/en-US/admin/mm_batchlist_exclamation.png was never added in upgraded stores from PR8 Update 12 to MM9
    17474: Administrative Interface: Image picker doesn't load more images when scrolling with the scroll bar.

    Miva Merchant 9.0002 Release Notes

    Bugs Fixed

    17485: Universal Search: Runtime error in UniversalSearch_Initialize results when modules are installed that implement the vis_categorybe feature but not vis_affilbe
    17486: Administrative Interface: Admin Fonts should be declared inline as relative paths
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    Re: Miva Merchant 9.0001 and 9.0002 Are Now Available

    Is there any documentation on DiscountModule_PriceGroup_Delete and other changes to the API in v9?

    Thanks --
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      Re: Miva Merchant 9.0001 and 9.0002 Are Now Available

      From Dev:

      "Yes, the API guide was updated several weeks ago to include documentation on the new function. See pages 54 and 55."
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        Re: Miva Merchant 9.0001 and 9.0002 Are Now Available

        Has the file been published yet? I couldn't find it at

        Thanks --
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        Magic Metal Productions
        * Web developer/designer
        * E-commerce and Miva
        * Author, The Official Miva Web Scripting Book -- available on-line:


          Re: Miva Merchant 9.0001 and 9.0002 Are Now Available

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