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Miva Synchro 1.72 Has Been Released

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    Miva Synchro 1.72 Has Been Released

    Existing Synchro Owners can download it here:

    Version 1.72

    Bug # Description

    - 5604 Cancelled orders synch to QB as valid orders.
    - 5895 Object "" specified in the request cannot be found. When synchronizing customers with Preferred Payment methods in QuickBooks Pro 2008.
    - 6140 Synchro does not log out its user after it's completed synching.
    - 6490 Processing payment for an order wipes out all payment data.
    - 6757 Synchro doesn't Map Miva Merchant SKU field for products.
    - 10090 Invalid SSL certificates are permitted for registration and contacting Miva Merchant sites.
    - 13835 Version in configuration not updated [or pointlessly being updated] in Synchronize_Upgrade.
    - 14375 Customer properties: Sync Direction should not be active if neither "Synchronize Customers Create in..." checkboxes are selected.
    - 15103 Title of module is misleading.
    - 15588 Synchro causes an assertion abort with product names that contain diacritics.
    - 16097 Running add new store wizard with a new user crashes synchro.
    - 16425 Invoice synchronization has missing required tags for qbxml 3.0 API, generates empty tags.
    - 16522 Configuration "version" setting is either unused, or undocumented.
    - 16598 Synchro_Action SLST is obsolete and wrong.
    - 17847 No available session seats needs to be trapped and reported.
    - 17878 Default license manager URL is incorrect.

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]