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MIVA Newsletter - April 2006

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    MIVA Newsletter - April 2006

    Hello All,

    We've just sent out the April issue of our MIVA Small Business Newsletter.
    You should be on it already if you've registered any MIVA products.

    In this month's issue:
    1) Join the MIVA Community Forums
    Since you're reading this post, you've obviously joined already. But we're putting the word out to our entire community to have them come join us on the Forums. These forums provide a great resource for everyone.

    2) Email Marketing: Tips for Success
    Practical eCommerce contributor Paul Chaney shares with us five great tips to help you achieve success in your email marketing efforts.

    3) Search Engine Algorithms - Understanding the Pinocchio Effect
    Jennifer Laycock, Search Engine Guide editor-in-chief, discusses what the techniques search engines are employing nowadays to help them look at data on the Internet and process it the way humans do.

    4) MIVA Central Developer Spotlight | Emporium Plus
    Bill Weiland of Emporium Plus is in the spotlight this month. He's been working with MIVA Script for almost 10 years now and has created quite a collection of extremely useful add-on modules for MIVA Merchant.

    5) MIVA Galleria Feature Site | Sage Jewelry
    This month's MIVA Galleria feature site is Sage Jewelry. We talk to the site's web designers about how they were able to create a unique look to match Sage Jewelry's unique brand by harnessing the power of Store Morph Technology and MIVA Merchant 5.
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