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Miva Merchant 9.00065/6/7/8 are Now Available

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    Miva Merchant 9.00065/6/7/8 are Now Available

    New Features

    MivaPay Features
    • Automatic card type detection for MivaPay. Includes the ability to display a single "Credit Card" (or other configurable) value for all Payment Card Types during checkout.
    • CVV support for MivaPay during checkout.
    Apple Pay Features
    • Apple Pay support is now available when using Authorize.Net or Braintree.
    Amazon Pay Features
    • The Amazon Payments module has been renamed "Amazon Pay"
    Google Analytics
    • The Google Analytics module can now be configured to report automatically-generated subscription orders to Google.
    Other Features
    • Multiple subscriptions processed on the same day for the same customer are now grouped together when the payment card and delivery address are the same.
    Bugs Fixed

    22799: Module: templatefeed: Template Based Feed module should use URI_3 key when exporting URIs
    22873: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces - Google Shopping needs to support Aggregator accounts
    23021: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Amazon: Sync Inventory Scheduled task should create one template to avoid throttling
    23026: Patches: Labelprinting.jar should be deployed in the next update
    23027: Specifications: Implement provisioning for Payment Card Types
    23032: Subscriptions: Processing a subscription produces incorrect values for subscription tax, shipping, total, and subtotal fields
    23043: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Google Shopping: Add field identifier exists to the google shopping product settings
    23045: Module: customerimport: When importing a large number of customers the address field can be overwritten with a different customers address.
    23047: Import Subsystem: Record is not cleared between record imports, causing errors in some instances
    23048: Module: chasepaytech: Chase Paymentech displays the incorrect last 4 numbers of a card when used with MivaPay
    23108: Subscriptions: When the attached payment card is deleted/missing the CSBE should not render the PATR page
    23109: Subscriptions: When the attached payment card is deleted/missing the CSUB should display Payment method as "None"
    23110: Payment: Payment Cards: A payment card should not be allowed to be deleted when it is in use
    23137: Module: mod10: Mod10: Credit card prefix spans do not work correctly
    23154: Module: braintree: PayPal checkout does not work
    23163: Customers: Duplicate Addresses when adding Shipping/Billing Info to a Customer
    23167: Subscriptions: If a Product Code is a string of numbers, Product Field will not auto populate under the Add Subscription
    23178: Subscriptions: Updating subscription with different payment card does not update the payment card reference correctly
    23203: Administrative Interface: Advance search for Method column on the shipments batchlist always returns all results.
    23204: Subscriptions: Order processing, subscriptions batch list, persistent filtering does not work correctly
    23207: MMBatchList: The batchlist save to CSV does not work properly in Mircosoft Edge
    23210: Digital Downloads: The add digital download CDN form should use autocomplete=off in the form
    23214: Customers: Address Field does not update when adresses are default in Shipping/Billing Information
    23215: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces - Google Shopping missing admin log action
    23219: Module: qbms: QBMS does not validate credit card number against credit card type when using Automatic Capture
    23223: Provisioning: Signing Key and Secret Key get cleared out when using MivaPaySettings_Update if the SecretKey and SigningKey tags are not present.
    23229: Patches: 9.6 patch creates the subscription authorization failure email with an incorrect to address value.
    23257: Subscriptions: Multiple subscriptions for the same customer, card and day should be grouped into a single order
    23259: Administrative Interface: Discounts get applied to tax charges when recalculating shipping and tax on an order in admin.
    23263: Module: templateorderemails: Attributes and Options for product not showing in email subscription created
    23269: Module: marketplaces: Listing Inventory doesn't Update when Shared Inventory is activated
    23278: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlayo: Wishlist button is not displayed when a product is required to have a subscription, but that subscription is not enabled
    23279: Module: readytheme: Large navigation sets take too long to load
    23287: Module: cmp-cssui-addressbook: an address creates a 3rd address when changing the first name for Ship/Bill info from the OCST screen
    23384: Core JSON: Many modules that implement feature "json" do not properly validate Session_Type
    23387: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces - eBay: Function eBay_Update_All_Listings can fail because we give the GetSellerEvents start time too great of a time period resulting in too many records returned
    23497: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: eBay: Multi item orders do not import correctly into miva
    23524: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Add "POBOX" to list of excluded PO Box variations
    23550: Payment: Action_CustomerPaymentCard_Insert/Update/Delete have the wrong permission checks
    23551: Subscriptions: Action_CustomerSubscription_Update/Delete have the wrong permission checks
    23552: Subscriptions: It is currently possible to delete/cancel all subscriptions from runtime
    23556: Subscriptions: Action_CustomerSubscription_Update should verify the subscription is associated with the logged-in customer
    23574: Customers: Customers can update other customers' address book entries
    23662: Module: cmp-cssui-subscriptionfields: It is currently possible to view another customer's specific subscription information
    Last edited by Rick Wilson; 03-13-17, 11:15 AM.
    Brennan Heyde
    VP Product
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]

    Miva Merchant 9.66 has been released (immediately following 9.65)

    Bugs Fixed
    23773: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme_ASM_NavigationSet fails to set the l.settings:layout member correctly
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    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Miva Merchant 9.67 has been released

      Bugs Fixed
      22803: Module: mvga: Google analytics no longer sends search term when viewing the SRCH page
      23728: Core JSON: g.Store_Count is not set when entering through which causes the URL builders to omit the Store_Code parameter
      23781: Module: readytheme: Navigation items do not display when all child items are set to inactive
      23782: Module: authnet: "Refund Failed: Unable to refund payment: Credit card number is required" when refunding Apple Pay transactions
      23787: Payment: Unable to refund payments placed through MivaPay
      23880: Module: upsxml: Tracking numbers cost field does not record the correct shipment cost when Negotiated Rates are used.
      24064: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Invalid signature on LabelPrinting.jar
      24065: Module: authnet: "The cryptogram is either invalid or cannot be used" error when placing Apple Pay transactions
      24066: Module: authnet: Authorization failures are not reported correctly for Apple Pay transactions
      24067: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping links are incorrect when using legacy SEO settings
      24068: Module: authnet: Orders are created for transactions which trigger a fraud filter set to "Do not authorize, but hold for review."
      24075: Module: mvfedexsoap: Generating a Fedex shipping label does not set the Cost field on the tracking numbers dialog when using account rates
      24110: Module: readytheme: Navigation items are duplicated across navigation sets in runtime when using MivaSQL

      Rick Wilson
      Miva, Inc.
      [email protected]


        Miva Merchant 9.68 has been released

        Bugs Fixed

        25144: Module: mvusps: USPS First class parcel has been renamed “First-Class Package Service – Retail”

        Rick Wilson
        Miva, Inc.
        [email protected]